Technip Facing $70,000 Fine


An accident happened in Commonwealth waters within Western Australia involving a diver who got a serious arm injury while working with the use of a high pressure water blasting device. The incident prompted the National Offshore Petroleum Safety and Environmental Management Authority (NOPSEMA) to conduct a thorough investigation of the matter and found out that Technip Oceania Pty Ltd (Technip) has failed as an employer to comply with a couple of safety precautions indicated in the Offshore Petroleum and Greenhouse Gas Storage Act 2006. The act states that an employer must be responsible for providing work systems that are safe and health risk-free and that an employer must not neglect giving proper training, information, instructions and supervision to employees in order to perform their tasks in a safe manner.

Perth Magistrates Court sentenced Technip with a fine of $70,000. Magistrate Tavener noted in the sentence that ““Safety provisions, even with complex supporting safety systems are only effective if they are followed and not put aside for convenience. The offences are still serious, as they involve people ignoring the need for full compliance and furthermore, those people who ignored those requirements were informed, competent people working under a complex safety regime, and they made a decision effectively that concerned themselves.” He added, “There is no point in having a multi‐layered complex safety system if it simply can be ignored and for that reason the breaches are serious.”

The CEO of NOPSEMA, Jane Cutler mentioned that the association will be consistent in making sure that offshore energy companies are compliant with the commonwealth legislation acts and will administer necessary steps to safeguard occupational health and safety.



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