Tech School Students Take Part in Professional Diver Demo

Professional divers from Bangor-based Commercial Divers Inc. were at the United Technologies Center, giving students a special demo about a career path that many don’t know about.

“We’re trying to show the kids how what we do relates to what they do, because every part of what they’re trying to learn is part of our career,” said Commercial Divers president Joseph Kacer.

Veteran divers spent time showing kids the ropes, before letting some of them try it themselves.

“I got to try on some of their gear and look at their stuff,” said UTC student John Field. “I like it a lot.”

The big misconception for many students: that diving is just for recreation.

“I didn’t realize it was actually a career. I didn’t realize how big it was. I thought it was just something you did as a hobby,” said student Stephen Just.

Some kids even got to climb aboard one of these barges, as they dove into a world of possibility.

“It’s actually a lot harder than I thought, because it’s about as tall as me and I didn’t think it was that hard, but even just with the harness on, I can’t even really think about how hard it would be with all the equipment,” said student Riley Coleman.

What do organizers hope students take away from this?

“An interest. Poke around a little bit, see what fields there are. From what they’re doing here, what’s available out–even in the diving industry–what they can get into,” said Daniel Scovil, a licensed commercial diver.

An interactive peek into a world few get to see, sparking an interest for some…

“I’m starting to consider it now,” said Just.

“It certainly opened up my eyes a little bit,” said Coleman.

And solidifying a career choice for others.

“I really want to become an underwater welder, so this is what I want to do,” said Field.





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