Working Under Pressure: U.S. Navy Divers

March 6, 2016

They dive the world over, equipped with specific tools to accomplish each unique underwater task, serving the U.S. Navy beneath the surface. Whether it is an inspection of a submarine, a salvage and recovery mission or conducting a research project, Navy Divers are highly trained and ready to go. “It’s never dull,” said Navy Chief… Continue Reading »


What offshore work opportunities are there in commercial diving or as an ROV pilot now?

February 29, 2016

“As one of The Underwater Centre’s Student Advisors, a question I get asked a lot, and particularly just now given the media coverage of the drop in oil prices, is what offshore work opportunities are there once students have completed their training as a commercial diver or an ROV pilot tech? “The drop in oil… Continue Reading »


KOOLE MAMMOET Salvage Removes Wreck Off Angola

February 22, 2016

KOOLE MAMMOET Salvage has completed wreck removal operation of the roll-on-roll-off container vessel SALOOS offshore Angola. The vessel capsized in May 2014 at Cabinda anchorage in Angola, carrying 155 containers and cargo. After the grounding of the vessel, an unknown amount of containers was scattered in an area of 60 km² with several containers stranded on… Continue Reading »


Typical military diving tasks

January 12, 2016

In its list of different types of commercial divers, cDivernet gives a description of the primary tasks that military divers have to accomplish. Each comes with its own form of commercial diving insurance that takes the specifics of the work into account, which often involve other military ships and property. Here are some examples of the tasks… Continue Reading »


Plans underway to remove diesel from sunken ship in PE

January 11, 2016

A quick response has been prompted following concerns after diesel from a sunken ship flowed to the surface in Port Elizabeth harbour. An estimated 40 tons of diesel has leaked from a shipping trawler, Baratz the that sank in November last year. Environmentalists expressed concern over the impact the spill posed on the sea life,… Continue Reading »


60 Second Interview: How To Become A Commercial Diver

November 10, 2015

Looking for something different from the traditional 9-5 job, the chance to travel and work with your hands? Commercial diving could offer all of these things plus a unique work environment… underwater! We caught up with Ali MacLeod, Air Diving Manager at the Underwater Centre to find out how to be a commercial diver, what… Continue Reading »


Divers Preserve USS Houston’s Final Resting Place

November 3, 2015

USS Houston sunk, along with more than 700 souls, in Indonesia on February 28, 1942 during the Battle of Sunda Strait. In 2014, reports of unauthorized salvaging has reached the Navy but divers found no evidence of such operations after their survey. Last week, EOD Mobile Diving and Salvage Team Seven divers on board USNS… Continue Reading »


Hawaiian fishing vessel could be salvaged next month

September 20, 2015

According to Hawaii News Now, the Judy K, a nearly 80-foot-long fishing vessel that has been sinking in Honolulu since January, is scheduled to be salvaged early this October. The operation is overseen by the Department of Transportation and Army divers, who will reportedly use this situation as a way to hone their ship recovery… Continue Reading »


First Sewol Underwater Inspection Complete

September 19, 2015

Stage one of underwater inspections conducted by divers on the sunken Sewol ferry has been finalized. After the award of salvage contract to Shanghai Salvage-Ocean C&I consortium , 50 divers have been performing vessel inspection. According to media reports, 50 divers were among 211 people working on the site from two barges, Hyundai Boryeung and Dalrihao…. Continue Reading »

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