Hydrex Dives Twice in Mexico

April 5, 2016

Last month Hydrex performed underwater thruster operations on two vessels simultaneously in Coatzacoalcos, Mexico. Repairs were carried out on both azimuth thrusters of an FPSO, while the blade and shaft seals of the stern thruster of a 180-meter heavy load carrier were replaced. The stern thruster tunnel of the heavy load carrier was sealed off with… Continue Reading »


How to Begin a Professional Career as an Underwater Welder

March 11, 2016

Overview Underwater Welders: A Quick Look Median Salary $54,880 per annum Entry-level education Certification On-the-job training Yes Primary employers Construction Firms Number of positions (U.S.) 3,480 Job Growth (2012-2022) 6% New positions (2012-2022) 209 What Does An Underwater Welder Do?An underwater welder is a trained welding technician who is certified to weld in an underwater… Continue Reading »


Hydrex Patches up Tanker in Spain

March 2, 2016

Hydrex has performed a permanent insert repair on a 175-meter tanker after it suffered cavitation damage to the inside shell plating of one of its ballast water tanks. The Hydrex team sailed with a workboat and all necessary equipment to the ship which lay at anchorage in Algeciras. The divers started the operation by installing… Continue Reading »


Why some divers want to work in nuclear reactors

February 23, 2016

David Harner pulled on a fitted Lycra outfit with thin tubes snaking around his body carrying cold water. He attached pencil-thin monitoring devices to his thighs, biceps, chest and back. Co-workers helped him into a red rubber suit and a helmet attached to an oxygen line. Mr. Harner then lowered himself into a pool of… Continue Reading »


The hidden world of police divers

February 22, 2016

Underwater search teams are a familiar sight during major police investigations. But what is it like to make a living probing the country’s murkiest recesses? Submerged in darkness, chilled in near-frozen water, you grope your way through the silt and debris. Somewhere, amid the sludge and the discarded rubbish, is your quarry: a knife, a… Continue Reading »


Difference between Offshore and Onshore Diving

February 20, 2016

Divers that are members of professional or commercial diving organisations are very aware of the differences between offshore and onshore diving, but the amateur diver may not appreciate the distinct requirements of each situation. An understanding of what is needed for each environment is crucial for both the safety and the enjoyment aspects of diving…. Continue Reading »


Commercial Diving and Dive Boat Injuries

February 19, 2016

Commercial diving is a difficult and dangerous profession that bears little resemblance to recreational diving. Divers are not paid to go spear-fishing or explore idyllic undersea coves, but instead to perform tough and hazardous tasks. For example, commercial divers may maintain offshore oil rigs or help build underwater structures that support oil and mineral production… Continue Reading »


What Is Underwater Welding?

February 18, 2016

History Underwater welding was first invented in Russia in 1932 by Konstantin Konstantinovich Khrenov and used throughout the Soviet navy. During World War II, the American Cyril D. Jensen, professor of engineering at Lehigh University, developed the USA’s own underwater welding program and created two U.S. patents in the field. Welding Sites According to technology… Continue Reading »

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