Underwater Welder: Requirements, Job Duties, and Salary

March 26, 2016

The job of an offshore welder, also known as an underwater welder, combines welding skills ordinarily performed on land with qualifications in commercial diving. The ability to handle bulky equipment designed specifically for the job is needed by these professionals who are required to work in a hazardous setting. Due to various factors that the… Continue Reading »


Job Profiles: Diver

March 23, 2016

Divers carry out a range of tasks underwater, either inshore (such as rivers or lochs) or offshore (sea and ocean), depending on the type of diving and what industry they work in. This could include engineering, marine science, recreational or armed services. In Scotland, most professional divers work offshore, primarily in the oil and gas… Continue Reading »


How to Begin a Professional Career as an Underwater Welder

March 11, 2016

Overview Underwater Welders: A Quick Look Median Salary $54,880 per annum Entry-level education Certification On-the-job training Yes Primary employers Construction Firms Number of positions (U.S.) 3,480 Job Growth (2012-2022) 6% New positions (2012-2022) 209 What Does An Underwater Welder Do?An underwater welder is a trained welding technician who is certified to weld in an underwater… Continue Reading »


Onshore Construction Diver

March 10, 2016

Overview   Onshore construction diving is a broad sector involving a variety of tasks and work locations. The term ‘onshore/inshore’ refers to diving work that is undertaken close to the shore or inland in freshwater dams, rivers, lakes, reservoirs and tanks, in depths of up to 50m. The main thing that separates it form ‘offshore diving’… Continue Reading »



March 9, 2016

Generally, hyperbaric or underwater welding involves welding underneath touch situations and grand challenges. Underwater welding is often done for underwater pipelines, mending boats, fuel platforms and other vessels that are underwater. There are two types of underwater welding namely moist welding and dry welding. Moist welding is done inside water, away from chambers. On the… Continue Reading »


What offshore work opportunities are there in commercial diving or as an ROV pilot now?

February 29, 2016

“As one of The Underwater Centre’s Student Advisors, a question I get asked a lot, and particularly just now given the media coverage of the drop in oil prices, is what offshore work opportunities are there once students have completed their training as a commercial diver or an ROV pilot tech? “The drop in oil… Continue Reading »


Diving deep into danger

February 26, 2016

MARK Veal is literally seconds away from exploding into tiny pieces every time he goes to work. As a saturation diver, he spends month-long shifts cramped into high-pressure hyperbaric chambers with eight to 12 other men. He hasn’t been blown apart yet, obviously, but the threat is ever present. “Yeah, there’s a risk,” Mark, 41,… Continue Reading »


Underwater Welding Schools

February 25, 2016

Jump into a truly unique and thrilling skilled trade. Underwater welding schools specialize in giving adventurous career seekers the chance to learn skills that can lead to high pay, exciting work, and memorable travel opportunities. Just picture the kinds of things you could do: Repair or salvage marine vessels. Help build and maintain offshore oil… Continue Reading »

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