Subsea 7 Installs Nautronix NASNet on Aasta Hansteen


Nautronix has reported that the NASNet array in Statoil’s Aasta Hansteen field is fully operational and awaiting first field construction.

Last year Nautronix secured an order with Subsea 7 to supply 16 NASNet stations along with a wet-stored spare station and three additional MTrx beacons to provide QC capabilities.

Subsea 7 collected the full equipment spread in February, and the Subsea 7 construction vessel Havila Subsea was mobilized in Sandnessjøen, Norway on the 25th February in preparation for the offshore installation. Despite challenging weather conditions in the Aasta Hansteen field, all 17 stations were successfully deployed to the seabed, tested and boxed-in (calibrated for position).

Subsea 7 and Statoil said: “We’re very pleased with the progress and the positioning accuracies witnessed so far”. This is the first time NASNet® has been used on a Statoil project in Norwegian waters.

Mark Patterson, CEO for Nautronix says: “This is a key project for NASNet®, and we are delighted to be working with Subsea 7 and Statoil. As the subsea industry looks to reduce costs, companies are looking at more cost effective and accurate acoustic positioning systems and, as a life-of-field system, NASNet delivers on both fronts.”


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