SubC Partner Adds Ocean Module V8 M500 to Its ROV Fleet


    SubC Partner, provider of installation, inspection, repair and maintenance solutions for the Offshore Wind sector is expanding its fleet of ROVs with the purchase of a new Ocean Module V8 M500.

    CEO and Partner, Lars Wigant, deems the Ocean Module V8 M500 as further investment in SubC Partner commitment to offer high-quality, cost-effective services emphasising safety and operational efficiency.

    “We are ready to meet the needs of diverse clients across different market sectors. Our workshops, technicians and equipment meet with the most stringent audits. We invest heavily in tooling and internal training, to offer multiple services and provide our Clients with the strongest business cases,” he says.

    In recent years SubC Partner has been involved in deploying its ROVs in various application, among which are anode inspection, j-tubes inspection, marine growth surveys, cable free span inspection and recovery, scour inspection, lost object location, NDT, structural repair etc.

    The company continuously develop and introduce new equipment and methods to expand the operational capabilities of its ROVs. Within the in-house testing pool and facilities, all operations are proof tested onshore prior to deployment offshore, in order to guarantee an efficient and flawless execution in the field.

    The new Ocean Module V8 M500 was chosen as a proven system, with great flexibility. It’s the only ROV with a control system that allows unlimited pitch and roll through a full 360 degrees with maintained platform stability. Perfect controlled stability allows to mount sensors at various angles for different types of applications without reconfiguration. The capability to rotate 360 degrees in any dimension without losing stability proves tremendously advantageous for sonar and video inspections as it allows the profile of sea floor, ship hull or subsea structure to be followed regardless of angle.

    The new ROV will enable the company to expand and strengthen its offering even further, while continuing to offer the same high-quality, innovative, tailored service that the company is known for.



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