Steven Saint Amour Joins Tecton Board of Directors


Tecton Corporation (TTNC) (Endurance Exploration Group) announces that Steven Saint Amour has joined its Board of Directors.

Company CEO, Micah J. Eldred commented, “We are pleased to have Steven join our team. Steven’s deep water technical experience in our industry will prove a valuable resource for our management team, and on behalf of the shareholders, I wish to thank him for his commitment to our Company.”

Steven Saint Amour, Background

Mr. Saint Amour has been involved in the subsea industry for over twenty-eight years and is recognized as an authority in the field of aviation and marine casualty investigations. He is an active member of the International Society of Air Safety Investigators (ISASI) and the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (SNAME) and routinely writes articles and conducts seminars on behalf of these and other professional organizations.

In 2009 Mr. Saint Amour and his wife, Joan Saint Amour co-founded Eclipse Group Inc. (EGI). EGI is a marine operations service provider based in Annapolis, Maryland and provides turnkey subsea technical solutions to both commercial and government customers worldwide. EGI holds several multi-year contracts and subcontracts with the U.S. Navy, National Oceanographic Atmospheric Agency (NOAA) and several international commercial companies based both in the U.S. and abroad.

In 1999 Mr. Saint Amour accepted the position of Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) Operations and Sales Manager at Phoenix International, Inc., an underwater services company based in Crystal City, VA.

Mr. Saint Amour was tasked with establishment of Phoenix International’s deep-water ROV division whose accomplishments were instrumental in Phoenix award of the U.S. Navy’s worldwide search and recovery contract in 2001.

While at Phoenix, Mr. Saint Amour initiated, and managed the design, engineering, build and operation of nine ROV systems including Phoenix’s Remora, Medusa and XBot ROV systems. These systems routinely conducted operations worldwide for search and recovery, telecommunications, oil and gas, science and film projects.

These systems were built to operate in 6,000 meters water depth and have attained an impressive track record of high profile operations over the last eleven years.

Mr. Saint Amour’s group at Phoenix was called upon to create innovative ROV systems for unique applications including feature film projects. The Medusa and XBot ROVs have been seen in several IMAX documentaries and TV Specials.

Over a 14-year period, Mr. Saint Amour was a voting shareholder and served on the Board of Directors at Phoenix International Inc. In 2007 Mr. Saint Amour sold his ownership interest to Phoenix International Holdings, Inc. an Employee Stock Ownership Program (ESOP).

Mr. Saint Amour has worked in virtually every aspect of the subsea industry as a commercial diver, ROV technician, pilot and project manager for various major diving and ROV service providers including Taylor Diving, Subsea, Inc. Sonsub, Inc. Eastport International, Inc. and Oceaneering Technologies, a division of Oceaneering International, Inc.



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