Statoil To Shut Oil Production At Aasgard Field Due To Storm


Norway’s Statoil will shut oil production at the Aasgard field in the Norwegian Sea due to an impending storm, and will reduce the number of workers at the Kristin platform, a spokesman said, confirming earlier local media reports.

“We plan to restart production as soon as Thursday,” Statoil spokesman Oerjan Heradstveit said, referring to Aasgard.

Aasgard produced 49,700 barrels of oil per day in October, the latest data from the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate shows.

While the number of workers at Kristin would be reduced, production at the gas and condensate field will not be affected, Heradstveit added.

Statoil reduced numbers at several oil and gas platforms in the North Sea due to storm Nina last week.

Hurricane strength winds with gusts of more than 160 km per hour (100 miles per hour) disrupted power supplies in western Norway over the weekend, affecting production from two gas processing plants.



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