Statoil Resumes Production at Njord A Platform


Statoil reported Monday that production has resumed at the Njord A platform in the Norwegian Sea after a year. Production was shut down at the platform after extensive analyses and inspections in 2013 revealed a need to reinforce the Njord A platform structure. Work was carried out during the winter and spring to strengthen the platform’s structure so that it could resume production.

This work mainly consisted of bracing the primary beams and struts, and increasing the length of the secondary beams under the platform, Statoil said. Arve Rennemo, Statoil’s head of Njord operations, commented in a company statement: “We have extended Njord’s lifetime by improving recovery on the field, and by finding more oil and gas in the area.

The Njord A platform has been with us the entire time, and we want to make sure that the structure can withstand the loads it will be exposed to.” In the long term, Statoil’s plan is to further bolster the platform to prepare it for future drilling operations and an extended lifetime on the Njord field.

“Njord A will produce oil and gas until the summer of 2016, after which it will be taken to shore for additional upgrades which will allow us to use the drilling system on board, and prepare it for many more good years of service on the Norwegian shelf,” Rennemo added. 



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