Start an Underwater Welding Career


Commercial diving is a lucrative career but not the usual nine to five job. It can be adventurous, fulfilling and risky at the same time. To become a certified commercial diver, one must be physically fit and has to go through series of training and programs which normally take 2 years.

One of the most common assignments given to commercial divers is underwater welding. There is a common misconception that water and electricity do not mix well. This is true but underwater welding is an exception. The advancement of technology in the construction industry has paved the way for this possibility.

Underwater welding task is usually done in bridges, oil rigs and vessels. It is still highly dangerous because of the involvement of electricity and water all in the same environment.

Compensation-wise, offshore diving is the way to go. Companies in the oil and gas industry offer competitive salaries to commercial divers in maintaining and repairing oilfield infrastructures and ships. For underwater welders, remunerations are based on the diver’s experience, the work site, the depth and of course the employer.

A regular welding contract starts with divers being transported by vessels to their designated assignment locations. Each dive is monitored by top-side crews to ensure the safety of the divers during the completion of the task.

The ascent follows after the underwater welding is accomplished and the divers would normally undergo the process of decompression. The time it takes to decompress depends on the depth of the dive and the length of them being submerged.

There is no age limit to this particular career as long as they pass the annual dive physical. Future opportunities as one gains experience may include becoming an instructor, supervisor, engineer, consultant and even management positions.


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