SPT Offshore Sets Up Suction Piles for Wintershall


SPT offshore, acting as a subcontractor of Scaldis Marine Contractors, successfully installed the 3 suction piles forming the foundation of SPT’s tripod substructure and minimum facilities concept utilized for the Wintershall L6-B field development.

The suction piles were simultaneously installed in a record time of 3 hours. Similarly, the verticality achieved was 0.01 degree out of vertical, which is near perfect.

Scaldis Heavy Lift Vessel Rambiz transported and installed the tripod and minimal facilities topsides as one piece (which is a novelty in itself) in a record time of only 3 days including sailing to the field, installation and demob to port.

SPT Offshore is an independent offshore contractor specialised in suction pile foundations and Self Installing Platforms for the development of marginal and medium sized oil and gas fields. For the development of offshore wind farms, SPT has developed a one piece self installing wind turbine concept, which allows transport and installation of a wind turbine foundation complete with pre-assembled wind turbine. The SIWT concept offers flexibility in scheduling and a low-cost and noise-free installation.

Furthermore, SPT Offshore provides suction piles, Suction Pile Clusters and Suction Embedded Anchors for the mooring of floating units (FPSOs, MOPUs, buoys, FSUs, etc), subsea structures and subsea pipelines.



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