Space and Abyss


UK has disclosed 8 prospective locations in north-east of Scotland for commercial spaceport that will be used to launch commercial satellites and cater other activities involving man’s space exploration. Being an astronaut is no different than being a commercial diver in terms of learning mission tasks and using high end tools necessary to perform their roles and keep them safe in the middle of hostile environments.

Alf Leadbitter of Underwater Centre in Fort Willam explains the similarities of an astronaut and a commercial diver. It is true that unlike underwater there is no pressure in space however astronauts conduct their training underwater primarily to familiarize themselves with zero gravity. Divers and astronauts both use life-support gears connected by umbilical cords that provide them with oxygen for breathing and communicating devices. More often than not, these gears provide limited vision and restrict a person’s free movement.

Astronauts live in cramped habitats like the International Space Station while divers in saturation-diving chambers. Both frequently work in remote areas. Both require assistance from a control center for communication and safety. Although astronauts get better view in space such as stars or the Earth from above, divers usually see the beauty of marine life and gets fresh food.

Commercial diving is the closest one can get to becoming an astronaut. It only takes the right attitude, health and proper training in order to be part of the ocean manpower.



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