Siemens Offshore Wind Makes Call for Suppliers



26 Apr 2010

Siemens Wind Power is looking for suppliers to support the expansion of its European offshore wind market interest and will host a sourcing event in Rotherham, UK on 17 June. The deadline for registering is Wednesday 28 April.

Siemens Wind Power announced its intention last month to invest more than £80m to develop an offshore wind turbine production facility in the UK. This is expected to generate 700 direct jobs and create many more through its supply chain. The move follows the announcement about the UK’s Round 3 development by The Crown Estate.

DECC’s UK Renewables Service is working with Siemens Wind Power, the UK’s largest provider of wind turbines and offshore grid connections, to organise the sourcing event to introduce them to UK companies.

They will be looking for suppliers who can feed into their global supply chain but there will be a special focus on the UK/offshore wind market.

This event will involve presentations from key procurement managers from Siemens Wind Power and then one to one meetings with potential suppliers.

Siemens’ areas of interest include:

Turbine Components

* Forged components (minimum 13 tons, 3.7m long, material: 42CrMo4)
* Major cast components (between 12 and 24 tons, material: EN-GJS 400 18U-LT) including machining and painting
* Cast clamping rings (0.3 tonnes, outer diameter 928mm, material: EN-GJS 400 18U-LT)
* Spherical roller bearings (0.5-3 tons, outer diameter more than 1,000mm)
* Double row 4-point slewing bearings, (ungeared, 1-3 tons, outer diameter between 1,500-3,300mm)
* Single row 4-point slewing bearings with internal gear (2 tons, outer diameter between 3,300mm)
* Machined parts (variety of size, tolerance and steel type, CNC controlled machines an advantage)
* Cables (fibre optics and low voltage)
* Control panels
* Glass fibre
* Blade root segments (glass/epoxy)
* Epoxy resin system (including hardener) (infusion and repair)
* Blade surface paint
* Towers and tower components
* Tower internal platforms (aluminium)
* Heat sinks for power electronics

Offshore Project Management

* Third party labour (ground preparation, erection and mechanical completion)
* Mobile cranes (90, 130, 200, 300, 600 and 1,350 tonne capacity, hire/supply)
* Hotel vessels (30-80 capacity with full facilities, interested in hybrid vessels able to transfer crew to turbine directly)
* Transfer vessel (particular interest in vessels able to operate in waves up to 2.5m, charter/supply)

Offshore Service

* Subsea cables repair/inspection – including agency services offering single point of contact for range of suppliers
* H&S Training – helicopter safety/offshore survival
* Helicopters – personnel transfer infield and from port base
* Heliport management
* ROVs – subsea inspection
* Geophysical studies – long term monitoring and seabed surveys to allow jack-up vessels to operate in the event of refits or repairs
* Weather forecasts/hindcasts – operation programming and predictive yield management
* Offshore rig management
* Heavy lift barges
* Maritime supply networks – including agency services offering single point of contact for range of suppliers
* Waste disposal – handling waste oil from turbines

Offshore Wind Project Management

* Consultancy services providing quality assurance for the installation of wind turbine including assessment of quality of work by subcontractors.

Engineering Services

* Rapid prototyping of electrical system components, especially reactor coils/inductors
* HALT testing of mechanical structures and electrical systems
* Design for manufacture
* Design consultancy for electrical transmission and distribution systems
* Recruitment agencies specialising in engineering, especially power electronics and electrical machines


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