Siem Nets Charter for OSCV ‘Siem N-Sea’


Siem Offshore and N-Sea Offshore Ltd have entered into a charter agreement for the Offshore Subsea Construction Vessel ‘Siem N-Sea’ (ex. Siem Stork ).

The Siem Stork is a 93.6 meters in overall length diesel electric driven vessel with low fuel consumption for reduced emission to the environment.

It is designed to meet the general offshore supply market with its 100 T heave compensated offshore crane, specially designed for ROV and light Construction duties.

The ship is equipped with very efficient azimuth thrusters and a DPII dynamic positioning system for safe and economic operations on a world wide scale.

The vessel is fitted with complete air and nitrox diving spread and daughter craft.

The agreement is made at market terms and is for a firm period of three years. The charter shall begin January 1, 2015.



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