Shell plans Eugene restart in September after repairs by Global, MSRC


Sea Constructor

HOUSTON — Restart of Eugene Island pipeline in the Gulf of Mexico is expected in late September after repair of a leak is finished, operator Shell Pipeline said on Tuesday.

“Maintenance is taking place 24/7. We will update the timeline in late August as work progresses,” a Shell spokesman said.

The key Gulf of Mexico supply line was shut down July 25 after a leak was discovered 33 miles (48 km) off Louisiana near Houma. An estimated 1,500 barrels of crude leaked and has been cleaned up, the Coast Guard and Shell have said.

At the time, 100,000 barrels per day (bpd) of crude oil was flowing through the line. Shell had said it diverted 80,000 bpd of the flow. It disclosed Tuesday the diversion was through the Amberjack and Cougar/Whitecap systems.

Work is being performed from the Global Industries’ construction barge, Sea Constructor, and the Marine Spill Response Corporation vessel Gulf Coast Responder is onsite to support the effort, the spokesman said.



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