Shark Attack


Commercial diving is one of the most adventurous and high paying careers in the energy industry. However, the dangers involved are completely extreme. There are lots of risks lurking about in the big vast ocean where divers perform their work. Limited to zero visibility underwater can cause tools and infrastructure related accidents such as tangled umbilicals, vessel propeller contacts, breathing gas mishaps and others.

Hostile environments in ice diving can cause hypothermia when standard operating procedures are neglected during dive operations. Even marine animals pose a serious threat to the safety of commercial divers.

Just recently, a commercial diver has been bitten by a shark while he was diving in Jupiter Inlet. The shark’s bite went right through his wet suit and damaged his upper torso including his shoulders. The victim had blood all over his shoulders and neck when he was brought by a commercial boat into the Jupiter Inlet Park.

“There was a lot of blood. He was hurting bad. His eyes were closed. You could tell he was really in pain. He had been bitten right through his wet suit,” according to boat detailer and also a diver, Sean Tobin. “I’ve gotten a couple minor bites on the hand, but never like that. Seeing someone bit like that really shakes you up.”, he added.

Palm Beach County Fire Rescue crew responded at around 1:11 in the afternoon. It was the second shark bite incident in Florida this year and other 2 reported in the whole United States.

The assumption is that a bull shark might be the species the victim encountered due to the deep punctures from the wet suit through the man’s shoulders. Bull sharks and tiger sharks are normally found in deep, warm Florida waters.

The diver is now in stable condition and currently confined at St. Mary’s Medical Center.


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