Seaway Wraps Up GoM Installation Gig


A Subsea 7 Joint Venture company, Seaway Heavy Lifting, has successfully delivered an installation project of four topsides and a jacket for Protexa/Pemex in the Bay of Campeche, Gulf of Mexico.

The company used its 183 meters long crane vessel Oleg Strashnov, with 5000-mt fully revolving crane, to put in place the last three topsides in one week.

According to Seaway, following the installation of several jackets and topsides in the Gulf of Mexico, the last topside was installed on Wednesday morning January 28.

Peter de Bree, Seaway Heavy Lifting’s COO says: “I am very pleased with our swift and safe performance during these five installations in the Gulf of Mexico with perfect cooperation between Protexa (Permaducto), Pemex and Seaway Heavy Lifting. Our Oleg Strashnov crew performed extremely well.”

“I am proud of the relationship with our Mexican partners and that has been further strengthened by our performance. We have proven our value during the second period that the Oleg Strashnov was in Mexico,” says Arjan van der Laan, Seaway Heavy Lifting’s CFO.






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