Seaway Bags Perla Gas Project Gig (Venezuela)


Seaway Heavy Lifting has entered into a contract with Cardon IV in Venezuela for transportation and installation of the Perla project gas production platforms complete with tie-in of the subsea infrastructure.

The Perla development consists of 3 gas production platforms connected to the shore landing near Punto Fijo, through a 30 inch pipeline. The water depth in the field is 70 meters. Seaway Heavy Lifting’s scope includes the transport and installation of the platforms and tie-in of the platforms to the pipelines which have already been installed.

Cardon IV S.A. is a joint operating company currently owned by Eni (50%) and Repsol (50%). Petróleos de Venezuela will have a 35% share in the operation of this block, included in Rafael Urdaneta gas project in Venezuela.

Seaway Heavy Lifting’s crane vessel Stanislav Yudin will execute the lifting and installation work. The vessel will be out fitted with a saturation dive system to perform the tie-ins. In addition to the Stanislav Yudin and its two supporting vessels, a total of 7 tug/barge spreads will be operated to transport the platforms and subsea infrastructure from Gulf of Mexico ports to the site. The site is located northwest of Punto Fijo in Venezuelan offshore waters. Execution of the project is starting in Q2 of 2015, and will take approximately 5 months.

Project Management and Engineering has already started and is executed from Seaway Heavy Lifting’s home base in the Netherlands as well as from its new project office in the Woodlands near Houston.

Seaway Heavy Lifting’s CEO, Jan Willem van der Graaf, says: “I am very pleased that Cardon IV has trusted the Perla project in the hands of Seaway Heavy Lifting. This challenging project is one of the largest in Seaway Heavy Lifting’s portfolio, and the project fits well with our experience and capabilities. With our fully refurbished Stanislav Yudin, our passionate team of experienced people, and our trusted key subcontractors, we are keen to make a success out of this project for Cardon IV.”


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