Search for missing boy Jack Dixon


In New Zealand, 5 year old Jack Dixon was swept out by a freak wave to the ocean on Shelly Beach located at Mount Maunganui last Wednesday afternoon. Their family was on the beach and the kids including Jack were playing when a huge wave dragged him farther from the shore. The relatives were able to pull the kids out of the water but unfortunately they weren’t able to see Jack anymore.

Soon after the incident, people have volunteered to search for Jack despite the terrible weather. Almost 50 searchers and rescuers have been scouring the area to find the missing boy. Search help is still pouring in which includes 6 professional commercial divers from Tauranga, 2 dive instructors from Dive Zone and surf lifeguards. They are determined to exert all efforts and use their knowledge to bring him home.

According to the owner of Greenfield Diving Services Brendon Cappely they just wanted to lend a helping hand with the operation.  “I’ve got a couple of young children around the same age [as Jack] and it’s just a chance to help out. We’ve got the resources and equipment to potentially bring him home,” he said.

The search effort is being conducted in a systematic way so as to keep the search crew safe as well considering the bad weather and the tides that they have to deal with. An overnight search was cut short due to high tides and limited visibility. It was set to resume the next morning.

The family of the child is still in shock but begins to realize the gravity of the situation. New Zealand police Inspector Karl Wright-St Clair keeps them updated with the latest status of the mission.

Help, financial aid and moral support keeps coming from the community. Some people have conducted candlelight vigils for Jack and provided hot food for the search team. A donation page was set up to raise a little fund targeting $5000 for the costs of the operation. Astonishingly, the campaign has already raised $36,000. 


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