Seamec Secures Swiber Charter


India’s provider of diver support vessel-based diving services, Seamec, has entered into a contract with Singapore-listed EPIC contractor Swiber for the charter hire of vessel Seamec II.

According to Seamec’s BSE notice, the vessel will be undertaking PRP4 & CO26 project in Mumbai High.

Built in 1982, the 95.5 meters long Seamec II is a multi-functional diving support vessel with 300-meter diving system, 100-ton knuckle boom crane and accommodation for 90 persons.

The vessel started mobilization on October 31, 2015 for a contract scheduled for about 142 days.

Seamec estimates the value of the charter to be around USD 17.38 million.

In addition, diving services for this project will be provided by another Singapore-based offshore contractor Kreuz Subsea.







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