Seamar records 2008 year-end TRIR of 0.8



Seamar, the well known provider of subsea construction and fabrication services to the domestic and international oil and gas industry operating in the Gulf of Mexico and some Latin American markets, has announced that the company’s 2008 year-end total recordable incident rate, or TRIR, of 0.8.

After posting a fourth quarter TRIR of 0.0, Seamar’s cumulative TRIR for the year 2008 averaged to an outstanding 0.8, or 60 per cent below the industry standard of 2.0.

TRIR is a key safety metric reported on a quarterly and annual basis used by the commercial diving and fabrication industries to help identify safe subsea construction and fabrication service providers.

The industry’s standard for the diving community is considered to be a minimum TRIR of 2.0.


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