Schilling Robotics cells 2 Ultra Heavy-Duty ROVs to OceanWorks


HOUSTON — Schilling Robotics, LLC announced the sale of two (2) new Ultra Heavy-Duty (UHD) Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV) to OceanWorks International, Inc. OceanWorks will supply the UHDs as part of two systems that include OceanWorks’ new electric drive ROV winches and handling equipment to a new international operator. The 150 horsepower ROVs will be paired with Schilling’s XE™ tether management systems, rated for operations up to 4,000 meters.Chosen for their leading-edge technology, Schilling will manufacture for the customer’s aggressive expansion plans in their international ROV, diving, and atmospheric diving suit (ADS) operations. The UHD systems will be delivered to OceanWorks in September 2009. Schilling and OceanWorks will be providing training and installation support for the UHD systems.

“As Schilling continues to expand its global presence to support new and existing customers, the key will be to align with strong partners that are familiar with its target regions,” said Jason Stanley, vice president of global sales for Schilling Robotics. “OceanWorks’ expertise and relationships in the northern regions will allow both companies to offer comprehensive product and service packages to ensure that customers are successful with their aggressive growth plans throughout the coming years.”

“OceanWorks is pleased to be acting as the primary contractor for these ROV systems to one of our important international clients. The winning combination of OceanWorks’ handling equipment and Schilling’s world-class ROVs exceeds that of our customer’s requirements,” said Glen Viau, vice president and general manager for OceanWorks.


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