Scam Alert!!

    Scam Alert
    We recently received warning from a diver that he was baited into a scam by someone claiming to be Sub-sea Dredging Limited. After a bit of searching around, we found out that this is a common scam that you should all be aware of. The following comes directly from Sub-sea Dredging:
    It has come to our attention that some individuals are contacting people via e-mail and or publications on the internet claiming to be recruitment agents of Sub-sea Dredging Limited and/or using the names of our employees in bogus, fictitious and imaginary transactions, to solicit for financial details, advance fees or other favours in exchange for which they purport to confer non-existent benefits (funds, employment, contracts etc) in Sub-sea Dredging Limited.
    These e-mails/publications are usually sent from persons posing as the Company’s attorney or claiming to occupy influential positions in the oil and gas industry. The sender of the mail usually would request that the target co-operates with them in order to benefit from a stated business transaction or get a job in Sub-sea Dredging Limited.

    We have also recently been informed that certain emails received by members of the public, and advertisements posted on some job web-sites, have promised job-seekers positions in the Sub-sea Dredging. These emails and web-sites promise that upon payment of a fee and the receipt of the recipients’ curriculum vitae, the recipients are assured jobs within the Sub-sea Dredging. The contact addresses and phone numbers contained in such emails and posted on such web-sites are usually of a foreign country and such mail originate from a free mail domain such as yahoo and hotmail.

    Sub-sea Dredging Limited disassociates itself from such mails/publications and hereby warns the general public that these are scams designed to defraud unsuspecting individuals / corporate organizations. You are strongly advised NOT to communicate or disclose any of your financial details or send any money to these individuals. You are also advised to report any such incident to the Police.

    Sub-sea Dredging Limited shall not be responsible for any losses incurred by any person (s) as a result of such mails / publications

    In the event that you receive any of the emails described above, we advise that you
    contact the following for confirmation:

    Head, Information and Communications
    Sub-sea Dredging Limited
    110 Airport Road, Warri,
    Delta State,
    Phone: +234-(0)46-872913


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