How To Save A Life


In the commercial diving industry, safety is important. But no matter how cautious we are, there are times that injuries are unavoidable. Access to first aid and personnel that can administer them is necessary especially when the medical facility is extremely far from the patient.

In every offshore dive team, at least one member must be trained in the field of advanced first aid to respond in diving emergencies. International diving companies are pushing the idea that every diver must have basic knowledge in first aid treatment. Diver medics are responsible for the planning and supervision of decompression process, chamber operations orientation, reviewing emergency medical plans and conducting emergency drills.

Training to become a diver medic consists of programs relating to providing emergency care, basic life support, chamber operations, communication and tasks instructed by remote medical authorities.

The scope of lectures involve hands-on skills, gas laws, toxicities, ears, sinus and decompression sickness. Certification is given upon completion of the training by approved training centers.

It is advisable for diver medics to keep their knowledge base up to date with the latest safety standards. Recertification is also being practiced by several training facilities that requires certified divers to undergo a 48 hour refresher course every 2 years.






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