Saturation Systems


Hyperbaric Chambers or Decompression Chambers are high pressured facilities used by commercial divers in performing diving assignments at great depths that require days to be completed. These enclosures are compact and pressurized to prevent divers from an illness called “the bends” that could be pose a threat to their lives. The more frequent divers decompress, the more risk of having this illness.

These chambers are equipped with the usual accommodations such as toilet and beds. Seasoned meals are provided from the surface vessel or platform by dive tenders.

Compared to having divers undergo multiple ascend and descend during dive work, utilization of these facilities can save enormous amount of time and energy because they would only have to be compressed and decompressed before and after doing underwater  tasks.

The chambers resurface after a scheduled routine but maintains the same underwater pressure for the divers so that they do not have to decompress over and over again which can rapidly drain their energy.

Divers perform saturation diving as a team. Therefore, they have to get along well with their colleagues during the length of their stay in the chambers. Despite the isolation deep down the ocean, divers are continuously communicated and monitored by the surface staff to ensure their safety.



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