Saga Subsea Opens Office on Gran Canaria


Saga Subsea has established an office on the Gran Canaria Subsea and Offshorebase (GCSB), where it will be a part of development of the base together with Otech.

Managing Director in Saga Subsea, Einar Tollaksvik said: “We think that the foundations and pre-work for this Offshorebase, commenced by Otech and Satocan, have been done in a very professional way. With regards to our subsea activity and the services we provide today, we believe this base and Gran Canaria have great potential, and placed geographically perfect for a majority of these services.”

Managing Director in Otech, Odd Are Tveit said:“The companies behind GCSB are Otech together with Satocan. We have choosen Gran Canaria due to its strategically position in the middle of the most important oil and gas regions of the world, or as we say “in the center of the world”. This is the most southern port in Europe, able to offer our clients a safe place to mobilize, commence projects and use as a base for operations on West Africa and South America without being afraid of unpredictable costs, corruption and custom problems.”

Saga Subsea has established offices and storage on the GCSB, where it will accommodate shipment of rental tooling which is on its way from Haugesund.

The company will be able to receive vessels, and prepare them with equipment and personnel, or receive assets for maintenance and repair or preparations before, or after projects. Contractors will be able to send the equipment for storage, and in the future mobilize it directly from the GCSB.

Einar Tollaksvik added: “One of the most important things for the contractors, is for them to know that they can send down equipment, and that this is taken care of by a Norwegian company with solid experience within maintenance and repair of subsea assets. We have been a part of preservation work and preparations of subsea PIG L/R, maintenance and re-builts of FMC’s and manufacturing of a wide range of specialised ROV tooling.”

He continues: “Our main offices is on Killingøy Offshorebase, Haugesund, which today is the largest subsea cluster area in the world. This is where we have worked up our experience for this type of work, and can also mention that the majority of our staff have solid experience with subsea operations. Most of our staff have been offshore for many years, and know what is to be expected by the clients. This is an enormous strength for us.”


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