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Safe commercial diving takes a massive team effort


The world under the sea is a world apart. Few people have experienced it. Fewer still make it their life’s work. Those in Texas and Louisiana who do are often considered a breed apart from the rest of us but the fact is that they are only flesh, bone and blood.

The thing that is significantly different for those in the commercial diving profession is that all the major dangers and hazards that we might face on land, they face, too. But in addition, they conduct their work in an environment for which they are not naturally adapted.

They have to rely on a lot of special equipment and have a lot of faith that the team that supports them on the surface is as committed to their safety as they are themselves. Unfortunately, once you’re down below the surface, and something goes wrong. It typically is too late. All it may take is the failure of a regulator; a kink in a hose; or an oversight that results in damage to a suit or a helmet.

Training is crucial across the scope of the job. While the tasks that have to be done may be similar to and just as risky as those that happen on dry land, the underwater environment represents an added dimension of danger. If just one person on the team comes onto a project lacking the necessary skills to do his or her job, an accident could leave the diver with life-changing health problems or dead. 

When rig owners, captains and team supervisors get lax or neglect to follow standard safety regulations, those that suffer need to know that there are legal means available for seeking benefits needed to meet current and future needs and goals.








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