The SAFE-BAND Group to Begin SAFE-BAND Geohazard Survey


NCS Subsea, GeoTrace and SpecPartners have announced the start date for a multiphase large scale innovative project called SAFE-BAND.

It will be the first Multi-Client geohazard survey on a regional scale utilizing Ultra-High-Resolution 3D Seismic (UHR3D).

The combination of the P-Cable Technology and NCS’s own proprietary navigation system, NavPoint Trawler, produces an unprecedented resolution of the near-surface geological structures for Geohazard Imaging, 4D Imaging, Shallow Reservoir Imaging and Environmental Safety.

This will provide a new level of informational detail for drilling and development planners, and also provide additional information for the exploration teams.

Industry underwriting has been secured and acquisition starts June 1, 2014.



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