Report: OW Installation Vessel Market at 3 Bln by 2020


Reportstack has announced the publication of market research report on Offshore Vessels and Cables Market which says that the market is expected to register substantial growth between 2014 and 2020.

Reportstack’s report provides an understanding of the type of vessels required for offshore wind farm development and highlights major trends in the market. The demand and market size of turbine and foundation installation vessels and cable laying vessels are analyzed in the report.

The report also provides a break-even analysis of vessels and information on the various vessels used in the installation of turbines and foundations, as well as information on vessel operators, the major vessel manufacturers, and the cost of vessels.

The report also provides insights on the cost of offshore wind farm cables and a profile on the competitive landscape of the offshore wind farm cables market, which covers the capacity catered by major export and inter-array cable suppliers and their company profiles.

This report consists

– Data on the installed capacity of the global offshore wind power market and installed capacity, by country;

– Data on the market shares of turbine manufacturers and the installed capacity of major developers;

– Demand analysis and data on the various vessel types and the market sizes of turbines, foundation vessels, and cable laying vessels;

– Insights on the cost of vessels & Break-even analysis of vessels;

– Profile of the competitive landscape of vessel operators, which includes information on major vessels, vessel operators, and manufacturers, and covers the major players in the offshore wind vessel market;

– Analysis on export and inter-array cable demand and market size and cost analysis;

– Competitive landscape of major cable suppliers.



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