REL’s Winch for Fugro’s MH370 Search Vessel


Romica Engineering Ltd (REL) have signed a contract with Fugro Survey PTY Ltd Australia to provide a deep tow traction winch system, providing extra capability to Fugro, assisting in the search for MH370.

The traction winch system is designed to deploy and recover 10,000m of 18mm conducting tow umbilical. Complete with, level-wind assembly and a storage winch assembly with local and remote control stations containing line count and line speed display.

Bob Turner, Managing Director of REL, said: “We are delighted that the Fugro have once again selected Romica as a winch system supplier to enhance their expanding capabilities to support the search for MH370 in this difficult time. This contract for the supply of a deep tow traction winch allows Fugro to deploy sensors probing the ocean depths from either of the 2 Searcher class ships they currently have on task. Vessels of this class are equipped with a full suite of Romica handling gear and this supply adds to their already impressive capabilities. All at Romica continue to wish them good luck in their search.”

Romica supports companies undertaking subsea measurement, monitoring and IRM (Inspection Repair Maintenance) tasks through a range of services, tools and equipment solutions.

Paul Kennedy, Project Director for Fugro’s MH370 Search, said: “The search for MH370 is being conducted in a harsh environment in an extremely remote part of the world. This requires the most reliable equipment which has low maintenance, a good spare part supply chain and is easy to operate. Romica provide such a winch.”



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