Reliable calculations in oil and gas


Offshore, onshore and sub-sea installations and pipelines require significant financial and logistical investment, so absolute reliability of the calculations involved in their design is a given. That’s why Technip, a world leader in engineering and construction for the oil and gas industry, depends on Mathcad in its designs, combining accuracy with a high degree of calculation transparency and simple yet efficient verification.

For example, the company designs equipment to be fixed to flexible, sub-sea pipelines to monitor the behaviour of the pipe and its curvature, over lengths of sometimes over a kilometre. Seabed platform foundations and structures, underwater buoy systems, and hose clamps that may need to absorb forces of up to 90 tons are also designed at Technip.

It goes without saying that maximum reliability, both in terms of safety and financial considerations, is paramount. Design deadlines are also stringent. For these reasons, Technip’s design office equipped itself over 15 years ago with Mathcad.

Before switching to Mathcad, equation data were produced and copied manually into a spreadsheet, generating many errors. With Mathcad, analytical calculations take place automatically, are transparent and easy to verify.

With its open document interface and natural maths notation, Mathcad makes it easy to communicate and collaborate, error-check and validate, preserve and re-use work. Formulae are accompanied by explanatory text and notes, providing a log that’s easy to audit and facilitate quality control. Technip’s engineers find that proofing and verification take 3x less time than with Excel.

As Technip is a global company, its engineers have to juggle between imperial and metric measurements. Mathcad handles units conversion and consistency automatically.



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