RBG to introduce new generation water jetting to GOM



RBG USA (‘RBG’), a subsidiary of RBG Ltd. Aberdeen, Scotland, will be the first offshore service company to introduce new generation 55,000psi Ultra High Pressure (‘UHP’) water jetting machines to Gulf of Mexico oil rigs.

The new upgraded UHP machines are each equipped with three operating lances, compared to only two lances for the traditional 40,000psi machines, commonly used in the Gulf of Mexico. The added capacity allows for higher productivity and more flexibility on board, delivering a more cost-effective maintenance program.

The UHP equipment is supplied by Flow International Corp, a world leader in water jetting, and powered by Husky S-255 Diesel engines. Flow and RBG have worked closely together in selecting the best solution for the Gulf of Mexico.

Rick Schmid, Market Manager with Flow International said: “RBG USA is taking a major step ahead by introducing the new generation of Husky machines and we are very excited to support them going forward. The combination of RBG’s experience and very strong offshore safety records paired with the reliability of our equipment will support their position as a recognised and reliable operator in the Gulf.”

RBG USA’s Offshore Operations Manager, Malcolm Davies, sees the new machines as key to RBG’s continued growth in the Specialist Coating business: “Today’s economy and the clients’ continued need for optimising the cost effectiveness of their operations – whilst also preserving the value and compliance of their assets – invites service providers to look for innovative and integrated solutions.”

He continues: “RBG is a one stop service provider, covering a lot of bases, and the new UHP equipment provides us flexibility and better operating efficiency. Our strategy focuses on expansion in the Specialist Coating market from our operating base in Lafayette and we are very confident that even in today’s market there is room for growth and success when you provide a quality product in a safe environment.”

RBG celebrated arrival of the five new UHP units with an open day event for clients at its Lafayette premises.


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