PT AOS’ move towards Global Competency


PT. Advanced Offshore Services aims to be globally competitive with regards to providing diving services. In order for this to be recognized, the divers must undergo assessment compliant to IMCA’s standards. PT AOS has been organizing learning programs and diving courses for their employees such as IMCA Diver Medic, Trainee Air Diving Supervisor, Helmet Technician courses and the like.

As of the moment, 12 divers have finished the Surface Supplied Diver Assessment session at an offshore site in Balikpapan Indonesia operated by TOTAL Indonesie.

The program was held by the KBA or KB Associates Pte Ltd, the sole organization permitted by IMCA to hold these types of assessments outside the United Kingdom. The assessment was consisted of theory reviews and exams while making use of an IMCA approved surface supplied air diving system and support equipment. Some of the tasks include usage of airlifts, u/w burning tools, photography, familiarization with various u/w devices, emergency diver recovery drills, 40 meter dives and DDC drills in a span of 14 days.

The KBA assessor Michael Whelan has been in the diving industry for more than three decades as a diving supervisor and commercial diver trainer. He said, “The divers showed that their experience over the years has given them a good foundation and the assessment went really well. During the assessment the divers were able to demonstrate their skills and knowledge while reinforcing the safety standards required in areas such as conducting emergency drills.”

They are now planning for the assessment of the second batch of local divers.





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