PSA Inspects Gudrun Hydrocarbon Leak


The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway PSA has decided to initiate an investigation following a hydrocarbon leak on the Gudrun field in the North Sea on 18 February.

The hydrocarbon leak on the Statoil-operated Gudrun field occurred at 06:40 on Wednesday  February 18. Production was then shut down and the facility depressurised.

Gudrun is developed with a traditional steel platform resting on the seabed. The platform have capacity for partial treatment of oil and gas, before the hydrocarbons are sent via pipeline to Sleipner.

The size of the leak is currently not known.

No personal injuries resulting from the incident have been reported. There were 26 persons on board the Gudrun facility when the incident occurred, and 97 persons on board the West Epsilon mobile drilling facility close by.


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