Project Brightwater breaking ground for commercial diver


    brightwater tunnel

    VANCOUVER, WA — Stephanie L. Stone, Commercial Diver for Ballard Diving & Salvage, Inc., has been recognized by Cambridge Who’s Who for showing dedication, leadership and excellence in all aspects of salvage operations.

    As a commercial diver for Ballard Diving & Salvage, Inc., Mrs. Stone is responsible for working as a dive lead on Project Brightwater in Seattle, diving on mixed gas over 5 bar in pressurized chambers and rebuilding and repairing tunnel boring machines. She was the first lead diver on the first team to dive using mixed gas and she is the only female working in this position for her company. Mrs. Stone was in high school when her father taught her welding and a teacher suggested she become involved in underwater welding. She attributes her success to her husband and parents who encouraged her to work hard, go for any goal she wanted and to excel in school and work.

    Mrs. Stone became a certified commercial diver through the Divers Institute of Technology in 2005. She intends to continue working as a lead diver and would like to become a mixed gas supervisor.


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