Professional Diving Academy completes latest hydratight Subsea Bolted joint integrity course


The Professional Diving Academy has announced the completion of its latest Subsea Bolted Joint Integrity Course for commercial divers.

The course was developed and is run as a strategic partnership between the Professional Diving Academy and global joint integrity and engineering services company, Hydratight. In addition to teaching the basic engineering principles involved with hydraulic bolt tensioning, the course provides divers with critical safety awareness and equipment understanding.

As the first of its kind, the course closes a gap in the current training provision for commercial divers working on bolted joint connectors. PDA’s, Training Manager Neil MacMillan commented; “This course is a must for divers working on expensive subsurface assets and we hope that stakeholders recognise the benefit of having their divers properly trained in the utilisation of such equipment and that divers in turn recognise that the PDA remains committed to providing a training course portfolio that enhances existing skills and is reflective of our hugely diverse industry.”

Source: Your Subsea News



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