Police divers to trawl Brisbane River ahead of G20 summit as security operation widens to allow for water transport of world leaders


POLICE divers will have to trawl the Brisbane River for potential hazards ahead of the G20 summit with some world leaders expected to be carried to their hotels by luxury cruisers.

It would provide the city with an unprecedented chance to show off one of its finest natural assets but – like everything to do with G20 – would mean some additional pain for residents.

The police officer temporarily in charge of the security operation yesterday confirmed river transport was being explored as a way of moving leaders through Brisbane.

Acting Assistant Commissioner Graham Coleman said they could not divulge transport plans in detail.

“We will have some control over the river in the city reaches … and we expect there will be an impact on personal pleasure craft on the river,” he said.

“There will be some changes to the way commercial traffic operates, but commercial traffic will still be able to operate on the river.”

He said the river was not necessarily an “easier” option than the road network in terms of security risks for the world’s most powerful group of people.

“In the river there’s a waterline, and everything below the waterline is as much of a danger to us as above the water so if we use the river for any of those things there’s a whole lot of work we need to do underwater in the river,” he said.

“It adds a whole set of new challenges to what we need to secure.”



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