The Physics of Diving and Hyperbaric Pressures


As promised, this month we are diving into the published works of Dr. Eric P. Kindwall, widely referred to as the “Father of Hyperbaric Medicine.” This week we are looking at the physics of diving and hyperbaric pressures. We invite you to take advantage of these free goodies…

  • [PDF] Quick Reference Guide on the Units of Measure in Hyperbaric Medicine

    • Units of measure are often a confusing area to anyone new to hyperbaric medicine as both American and International Standard of Units (SI) are used. This quick reference guide is excerpted from Dr. Kindwall’s chapter “The Physics of Diving and Hyperbaric Pressures” from the book Hyperbaric Medicine Practice, 3rd edition, by Eric P. Kindwall, MD and Harry T. Whelan, MD.
    • pdfClick now to get the PDF
    • [Video] Units of Measure and Unique Terminology Used in Hyperbaric Medicine
      • This 10-minute video features Julio Garcia, CHT, ACHRN during the Introductory Course in Hyperbaric Medicine from Wound Care Education Partners. Mr. Garcia, an experienced educator, breaks down the unique terminology used in the hyperbaric setting for easy comprehension. If you have just completed an introductory course in hyperbaric medicine, or are studying for the CHT exam, this video will be a great review!






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