PHOTO: Fuel Extraction from Oleg Naydenov Wreck


The Photos above show the extraction of fuel from the vessel Oleg Naydenov at a depth of 2,700 meters and the final sealing of existing leaks.

The Russian trawler sank on April 14, after Spanish port authorities decided to tow the ship out to sea following the fire incident onboard the vessel, on April 11, when it was moored at Las Palmas port.

Oleg Naydenov sank with nearly 1,500 tonnes of fuel approximately 24 kilometers off the southern coast of Gran Canaria island.

In total 528 cubic meters of oily waste was collected from both, surface operations, carried out by anti-pollution vessels, as well as submarine operations.

The MPSV Olympic Zeus was used as the base to monitor and control the fuel-extraction ops. Three ROVs were utilized.







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