PGS Wins Patent Battle, EMGS to Appeal


Petroleum Geo-Services ASA (PGS) has won a legal dispute against ElectroMagnetic GeoServices ASA (‘EMGS’), after Oslo District Court ruled in its favor last Firday, February 13, 2015.

Namely, ElectroMagnetic GeoServices ASA (EMGS) filed a lawsuit against PGS for patent infringement relating to PGS’ Towed Streamer EM technology.

According to PGS, the court found that EMGS’ patent NO 324 454 (the ‘EMGS Patent’) is invalid and that PGS’ Towed Streamer EM system therefore does not infringe the EMGS Patent. PGS was also awarded legal fees of NOK 15,292,917.

Furthermore, the company states, the Oslo District Court found that all the elements of the EMGS Patent were sufficiently described by four independent written articles. The judgment was thorough and well written, and its conclusion as expected by PGS.

However, EMGS, in a statement today, said it has decided to appeal the decision.

According to EMGS, the company successfully defended the patent against claims of invalidity from Schlumberger Holding Ltd in the Netherlands, in February 2008 and in the UK Court of Appeal in July 2010 and through several oppositions in the European Patent Office appeal division in December 2011. The decision of the Oslo City Court on validity of this patent is contrary to these previous international decisions all made by specialized patent judges.





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