PGS Provides Greece Offshore Data


PGS is the official provider of seismic data to the 2nd International Offshore Greece Licensing Round.

The Greek Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change has released 20 offshore blocks in Western Greece and South of Crete for exploration.

The licensing round opened November 2014 and will close in May 2015.


PGS can support interested applicants with several relevant data sets:
– 12 500km of PGS MC2D GeoStreamer GS seismic data;
– 12 500km gravity and magnetic 2D data;
– 9 700km reprocessed 2D seismic data;
– 13,000km conditioned 2D seismic data.

PGS also provided its interpretation report on well data “New Exploration opportunities offshore Western Greece and South of Crete”.

The company established data rooms in Athens, Oslo, London, Singapore and Houston.



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