Petrobras in Potiguar Basin Oil Find


Brazil’s Petrobras confirmed that the drilling campaign of the Pitu North extension well has discovered oil in Pitu area (Block BM-POT-17) in the deepwaters of the Potiguar basin.

The discovery of oil in Pitu was first announced to the market on December 17, 2013.

The well 3-BRSA-1317-RNS, informally known as Pitu North, is the first well located within the Evaluation Plan of Pitu, approximately 60 km from the coast of Rio Grande do Norte state, and at a water depth of 1,844 metres (m), with total depth of 4,200 m.

The discovery was proved through profile analysis and pre-test results, with fluid samples obtained from the well to be subsequently submitted to laboratory analysis.

Petrobras (40%) is the operator of the exploration Block BM-POT-17, with the remaining stakes being held by BP (40%) and Galp Energia, through its subsidiary Petrogal Brasil.


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