Petrobras clarifies press release from FUP


SAO PAULO — With regard to the press release issued by the National Oil Workers Federation (FUP), Petrobras clarifies that:

For two days, the company built, together with the labor unions, a joint proposal that would meet the main demands made by the workers.

As announced, the new proposal discussed with the category’s representatives included a substantial increase in the base level for Profit and Result Sharing (PRS) and overtime payment for the May Day holiday. Insofar as the demands related to worker safety are concerned, a proposal had been made that called for periodical meetings among the business areas and for discussions, together with the unions, on the implementation of the practices laid out in the corporate SEH policy and guidelines.

No threat was ever made to fire or punish workers who are on strike. The proposal determined that possible excessive attitudes committed during the movement would be subject to administrative procedures.

The company remains open to negotiations and is interested in an understanding being reached between the parts, but it will continue taking all measures to ensure operation normalcy and the maintenance of production, at no prejudice to worker safety and market supply.

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