Petrobras’ Campos Basin Gets New Maintenance and Safety Units


Petrobras has received new maintenance and safety units in Campos Basin. Units have been ordered as part of maintenance plan to improve safety and efficiency of production systems.

Three new maintenance and safety units ordered by Petrobras – Cidade São João da Barra, Cidade de Cabo Frio and Cidade de Araruama – are now in place and operating in Campos Basin. The units are connected to the PNA-1 production platform in Namorado field, the PCH-2 platform in Cherne field, and the PGP-1 platform in Garoupa field, respectively.

Petrobras is running a number of revitalization campaigns involving maintenance and safety units as part of its Operational Efficiency Improvement Program (known by Portuguese acronym PROEF). To this end, it is conducting actions to guarantee the integrity of offshore production units, such as by replacing metal pipes and structures, cleaning and repairing tanks, and painting platforms. This will enable the units operating in Campos Basin to continue to produce oil and gas safely for many years, going beyond their original planned lifespan and making the most of the reservoirs’ potential.

The new maintenance and safety units have been chartered for four years, to undertake campaigns ranging from two to eight months in time, in line with the complexity of the services to be performed on each platform. They may be described as service platforms that are connected to production units via an access ramp.

These units are equipped with mechanical and electrical workshops, cranes, storage areas, areas for painting and maintenance of parts and equipment, and accommodation for all the professionals who will be performing services.

Generation of jobs in Campos Basin

The production unit revitalization process is reflected in the job market of the towns that are part of Campos Basin’s area of influence. Each new maintenance and safety unit is associated with a series of revitalization campaigns, demanding specialist manpower, materials and inputs to execute the services, preferentially purchased locally.

One maintenance and safety unit generates between 1,000 and 1,500 direct jobs, considering that professionals work on a shift embarkation regime. The most demanded functions are in the areas of mechanics, electrics, maintenance of parts and equipment, hotel accommodation and cargo movement, and especially maintenance, metalwork and industrial painting activities.

The three new maintenance and safety units have joined another four already operating in Campos Basin: Cidade de Arraial do Cabo, Cidade de Quissamã, Cidade de Casimiro de Abreu and Cidade de Carapebus. Their activities are underpinned by the operational principles of Petrobras’ exploration and production area, focusing on integrity, reliability and safety for people, facilities and the environment.



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