Performance of saturation diving emergency hyperbaric evacuation and recovery


“This recommended practice covers evacuation and recovery of saturation divers on-board a vessel or facility. It also addresses divers’ time in submersible compression chambers (diving bells) and habitats when the need for evacuation is required, including guidance on evacuating divers to places of safety while providing the necessary life support. Saturation diving is a diving technique that reduces divers’ risk of decompression sickness (‘the bends’) when they work at great depth for long periods of time. Hyperbaric evacuation uses pressurized equipment to allow a saturated diver to be evacuated without a significant change in ambient pressure.

An evacuation and recovery operation is considered complete when – under close observation for any symptoms of the bends and application of any necessary therapeutic treatment – divers are safely back at atmospheric pressure.

IOGP’s Diving Operations Subcommittee (DOsc) prepared the report, with input and feedback from diving companies, trade associations, classification societies, regulators and divers themselves.”

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