PanGeo Completes Pipeline & Umbilical Survey on Corrib Field


PanGeo recently completed a Sub-Bottom Imager™ Pipeline and Umbilical survey on the Corrib field in the Atlantic Ocean for Shell/Fendercare.

PanGeo was tasked with inspecting both a 20 inch pipeline and a control umbilical that was believed to have sustained damage after several storms had swept through the area.

The work was carried out from the Swire Seabed Prince vessel.

Seabed Prince was newbuild NO 7 at Baatbygg.
She is now under contract with Swire Seabed.

Seabed Prince is a IMR vessel with an overall length of 85.30m and a breadth of 18.00m

The Corrib gas field is located about 83 kilometres off Erris Head in County Mayo in water depths of 355 metres. Production at the gas field will be remotely controlled from the Bellanaboy Bridge terminal. There are five production wells at the Corrib field drilled by Transocean Sedco 711 semi-submersible drilling rig.


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