OTC 2016 Slideshow Features An Offering for Everyone


    Day Two of the international gathering of the world’s most serious offshore drilling players did not disappoint as the hall of the NRG Center was filled to the brim with enthusiasts. In keeping with the theme of OTC 2016: Endless Innovation, the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement presented their annual report to a group of reporters and others interested in offshore safety. Cooperation between industry and the federal government has long been a challenge, but most agree it is important to the continuation of the success of the fossil fuel industry. Despite the downturn felt across the world, industry leaders from the likes of Mexico, Brazil, Egypt, Ireland and Canada are converging in Houston. Conference show attendees who ventured down to the center of the NRG showroom were rewarded with items from the obscure, such as a light-up USB port, to the more practical, such as Rigzone’s trademark color bright blue and yellow socks.




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