OTC 2016 Slideshow: Check Out Day One


    OTC 2016: Endless Innovation kicked off Monday, May 2 in Houston with a variety of offshore companies showcasing the latest in their technology. Many executives have recognized that innovation and doing more with less will be a key to the industry’s recovery. On the floor, 2,600 exhibitors offered their visitors from around the world interactive opportunities, hands-on experiences and simulators for attendees to engage in the operations of offshore drilling – all the while surrounded by large machinery. Despite the downturn, the conference rooms were often overflowing, even during the more informal gatherings. Overwhelmingly, people were positive about the industry, acknowledging the down side of the cycle, but optimistic about the future. Taking a forward-looking approach, many of the booths highlighted projects that emphasized a brighter future. In an interview with ABC Channel 13, Rigzone Editor-In-Chief Jon Mainwaring said there are lots of job opportunities that can use the skills from other industries in the oilfield.




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