OSM Nets Aker Wayfarer Deal (Brazil)


OSM Brasil has won prestigious contract with Petrobras, in partnership with AKOFS Offshore, part of Akastor ASA.

Petrobras has chartered the Aker Wayfarer for a minimum of five years as a Subsea Equipment Support Vessel.

OSM Brasil will be responsible for Aker Wayfarer marine operations in Brazilian Waters and provide Brazilian Marine Crew for the project.

The company said the contract marks a key milestone for OSM Brasil in its drive to build on its expertise in the management of offshore vessels.

Walker Lima, OSM Brasil’s General Manager, said: “We are delighted to work with AKOFS Offshore in providing management for Aker Wayfarer marine operations and local crew through our EBN. The award of this contract reflects the benefit of our investment in OSM’s management systems and people to create a high quality crew management business with great safety awareness, which can deliver real value to our clients.”

Geir Sekkesaeter, CEO of OSM Maritime Group, commented : “OSM is committed to offering the highest level of service to its clients. Working with a company with the profile of AKOFS Offshore underlines OSM’s reputation in the market place.”



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